Camp GoodTimes : Summer Cancer Camp

As a human being I feel it especially important to help others. Coming from an abusive childhood and having to overcome so much adversity in my life has made me a much more compassionate and understanding person with a desire to help make the world a better place. I have been dedicating my time to helping those less fortunate or those facing great adversity such as children battling against cancer. I first volunteered with the Canadian cancer society to do art with children all battling this disease which seems to have touched everyone’s lives around the world. For a decade every summer I raised art supplies and funds to put on an art workshop for the children at Camp GoodTimes summer cancer camp. It truly was a highlight of each year for me up until the camp closed the program due to lack of funding.  

I met some amazing heroic kids, some who are no longer with us today, but who touched many a person in their short lives. The volunteers were amazing and I feel honoured to be able to have dedicated my time and abilities to help bring creativity and joy to so many wonderful human beings.