Volunteering... A great way to make the world a better place


Throughout my life I have always tried to help those in need. Growing up, volunteering was something I saw my mother do, even when we had little ourselves, my mother always found time to lend a hand to people who needed it. So, like my mother before me, I have spent my life trying to make the world a better place by giving my time and talents to those who are in need. Volunteering is about giving, contributing and helping. It means working with others to make a meaningful contribution. Having missed out on most of my childhood due to constant abusive trauma, I have always tried to make a difference in the lives of children, especially when they are faced with adversity.

When I first started volunteering with B.C. Childrens Hospital, the art supplies they had were basically crayons, pencils computer paper and colouring books. So, along with volunteering, I began yearly donating large amounts of art supplies to the hospital in order to help the kids and the volunteers. Art has the power to express, comfort and heal. I truly believe that and I think if everyone did a little it would amount to a lot.

Helping others is a selfless act, but the rewards are  priceless. The feeling of connection, the smiles and laughter of children who are, at times, fighting for their lives, is truly heartwarming and powerful. Helping people or animals creates an inherent sense of well-being. If you have ever thought of volunteering I highly suggest you do. Every time we reach out to bring goodness into the world by helping those less fortunate or facing adversity makes our planet a better place for everyone.